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1. Unlimited Access To “Break the Internet” WebinarX Software System: Earn up to $1,000 commissions like the pros!

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7. Traffic Vault + Ongoing Pro Courses: Learn from the best of the best so you can start driving traffic like the pros! (Facebook Ads University + 8 multi-millionaire courses so far with more to come!)

And so many more!!!

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A few years ago, I was invited to Boise Idaho to visit ClickBank HQ. And during that time, I've also spent some time with Justin Atlan, who is the founder of ClickBank University.

Since then, we've built good friendships...

When Justin told me about the ClickBank Breaks The Internet Program, I was very excited about it! The reason is, I know ClickBank works as I've made 7 figures of income from it. And right now, there's going to be a step-by-step system to train you on how to build a ClickBank business without even having your own products!

To make it a no-brainer for you to secure your spot before the launch is over, here are the exclusive bonuses you'll get when you join through the link on this page.
BONUS #1: My COACHING ARCHIVE Of 2018 And 2019 Worth $17,465!
What if you get to access the review, coaching and consultations that I did for my clients?

For this bonus, you'll get over 35 sessions that I did for my clients throughout 2018 and in this year, 2019! Even if I just price it for just $499 per session, this is a total value of $17,465 that you are getting today.

But the most valuable part is this - the content is PRICELESS because they are not some theories; it's like going behind-the-scene, learning from case studies and the strategies I've given to my private consulting clients.

The sessions also include new strategies I've prepared for my clients. Here are some examples...

The Local Niche Goldmine

In this 28.52 minutes training, I've revealed an opportunity in your local market where you could advertise in Facebook for a much lower cost and also, less competition to sell!

The "What's Next" Consultation

In this 1 hour and 6 minutes of training, you'll learn how to get more sales and growing your business! This is the recorded version of a consultation session that I have with my clients. He has tested his offer to convert and in this session, we dive into the "what's next".

The S.C.A.M.P.E.R Technique

In this 26-minute training, I'm teaching my clients on how to create a winning product to launch their digital eCommerce business by using the SCAMPER Technique.

This is a product creation method discovered back in the 1950's. It has been used for various of industry, usually, for physical products and introduced in Universities.

The Launch Campaign

In this 56-minute training, you'll learn the strategies of my launch campaign. So when you have a product ready, how do you launch it on the internet so that you can start selling to make money online?

With a systemized launch, you could repeat the same formula - even "relaunching" your existing products to make it "alive" again.
BONUS #2: 24X LIVE COACHING For 12 MONTHS Worth $12,000!
With Bonus 2, you'll now be able to be my coaching client too!

This is where I’ll get on a live training session with you and other clients – TWICE A MONTH for ONE FULL YEAR with me, in person.

You’ll be able to submit your marketing campaign, website and so on, to be reviewed in advance by me in person. Then during the session, I’ll be consulting with you on how you can tweak your online business or to improve your conversions.

You could:

1. Increase your “front-end” sales and sell many more units.

2. Increase your income DRASTICALLY by working on your existing offers and funnels. From my experience, an incremental of 50% is USUAL.

3. Increase your profits by uncovering “hidden assets” in your marketing and products.

With this bonus, you'll now have ongoing coaching to keep you on track and answering your questions and personalized consultation for your marketing campaigns.

And if you need to ask questions related to ClickBank, as an affiliate or vendor like yourself, I'll definitely be able to coach you! Apart than being a CB Super Affiliate, I'm also a ClickBank Platinum Partner, since 2013 until now!
BONUS #3: 12X of New Training Worth $6,000
In this bonus #3, each month, for the next 12 months, I'll deliver new training to you that is created by me personally.

“But what’s so unique about this, Patric?”

A few things…

First, it’s based on executable campaigns. This means they’re not meant for you to become more “intelligent” in marketing –they're meant for you to make money THIS MONTH. Use the strategies to deploy into your own online business.

Secondly, they’re based on my own research and are proven to work. And I’m able to do this is because I’m actively marketing online for my own online businesses.

These are the strategies I use to make millions online. I mean, do you think it's by sheer luck I get testimonials from other well-known experts, created the #1 ClickBank affiliate marketing product, regularly hitting the top 10 affiliate leaderboard for launches, etc?

If you want to know my secrets and my cutting edge strategies, they are only taught inside here.

With this, it's like getting a new course for the next 12 months!
BONUS #4: The Social Media Income Masterclass Recording Worth $495
A while back, I've trained a small group of clients in a 2-day masterclass called the Social Media Income - the good news is, the masterclass was recorded.

It's based on a new system that I’m currently implementing in my company and you'll see how exactly how to use social media to get NEW leads and sales for you EVERY DAY - you can do this, even if you are just a one-person business!

The system is A.D.D - automation, development of content and distribution.

The second unique part of this masterclass is I focus on TURNING social media’s effort and ads spending into ROI. Generating income, not followers.

So, whenever I’m doing a social media campaign, there’s a strategy to get ROI. It’s a strategic approach or not being done for the sake of uploading a video and getting LIKES.

The Social Media Income Masterclass is not about teaching you how to get more fans or subscribers, but generating real profit for your business.

This bonus is added into this package is because it's going to compliment you to becoming a top-earning ClickBank affiliate by using a social media marketing system!

It's the recording of a 2 days training, all being edited and added with sub-titles.
BONUS #5: The CB Passive Income Elite Worth $497
Last but not least, I'm going to give you my flagship program, the CB Passive Income Elite for free!

This is the proven system that takes care 90% of your work to wildly succeed in internet marketing this year.

You see, I have been making money online successfully with Clickbank, since 2004. I’ve also been using a proven way of making money online in the "internet marketing niche" and it has been generating auto-pilot income for me - EVERY DAY without fail.

The Elite is a "done-for-you" system with my coaching. This is PERFECT for newbies or beginners and an excellent program for experience marketers to add another new income stream to their list.

This program doesn't just come with the PROVEN SYSTEM and COMPREHENSIVE TRAINING, it also comes with my personal time to help you succeed!

So, if you are just getting started with ClickBank, this will be another powerful engine that you can use, together with the system that you'll get from ClickBank Breaks The Internet Special!

With the Instant Turnkey Webpages, you're literally cloning my affiliate campaigns and funnels. Here's a short video about the system...
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EXCLUSIVE BONUS #1: My COACHING ARCHIVE Of 2018 And 2019 Worth $17,465!
EXCLUSIVE BONUS #3: 12X of New Training Worth $6,000
EXCLUSIVE BONUS #4: The Social Media Income Masterclass Recording Worth $495
EXCLUSIVE BONUS #5: The CB Passive Income Elite Worth $497

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